Reducing Cost and Improving Quality by Addressing Clinical Variation

FMA works with payers, delivery systems and ACOs to identify understand and address clinical variation as a means to reduce the use of unnecessary medical services. FMA uses its patented Blueprint C|Q™ process and other analyses, to provide clients with significant opportunities for costs savings and quality improvement by identifying issues of overuse and underuse of medical services within the practice pattern variation of its practitioners. FMA’s goal is to help clients identify conditions with high levels of clinical variation and understand what services are driving the variation.

The FMA approach allows clients to choose from hundreds of condition/specialty combinations to look for clinical variation and the overuse and underuse of medical services. Analyzing a large number of conditions is important because finding areas with high levels of variation is rarely predictable and may not coincide with the highest cost conditions.

Ultimately, FMA provides clients with tangible opportunities for reducing the cost, and improving the quality of healthcare within its network. FMA’s process provides clients with the information needed to create and execute cost savings initiatives that will quickly lead to measurable results.